Massage for hallux valgus in children

Valgus feet in children are not uncommon. It can be congenital and acquired. X-shaped curvature of legs with a support on the inner part of the foot is typical of many kids at an early age often "hung" in the swing and put in walkers and children who are overweight. Regardless of the reason, first and second degree of pathology can be treated conservatively. One of the main methods of treatment is massage.

Massage with hallux valgus

About how to spend it, if your child is diagnosed with "hallux valgus stop", we will discuss in this article.

The purpose and objectives of

When valgus foot the child support falls on the inner part of the foot, causing the heels and the fingers are displaced to the outer sides and the inner part of the foot leans inward so that the inner convex pits can touch, if you ask your child to place the feet parallel to each other.

Very often in this formulation, the legs flattens the foot, that is, the child simultaneously recorded flat. The child, in fact, is not based on the heel and the space under the fingers and on the inner part of the foot. As a result, strained ligaments, but because of the lack of depreciation is suffering the knee joint, the load on which grows significantly.

The goal of massage is to relax muscles and ligaments that are constantly in tension, and strengthen those muscle groups that are forced to idle (e.g., the little finger of the deformation does "not working" almost "hanging in the air").

Massage is mainly prescribed to children with 1-2 degree of hallux valgus. To do it yourself is allowed, but only after the podiatrist that established the diagnosis, give specific instructions concerning procedures based on the individual characteristics of stop of a baby.

These procedures belong to the category of orthopedic massage, they are requires precision on who is doing the massage, the correct measurement of the forces and reasonable approach. Efforts will not go unrewarded – if the problem to do, most kids manage to get rid of plantar fasciitis completely.

General rules

Before you start to study the technique, you should familiarize yourself with the General rules and principles of treatment of hallux valgus massage:

  • Do the treatment daily. Try not to miss a massage.
  • The procedure time should be increased gradually, starting with a few minutes. Load massage should also increase gradually. The peak load on the baby's legs must have been sometime in the middle of the massage cycle.
  • All the movements of the adult must be restrained, to eliminate the child's pain and discomfort.
  • The classical scheme – two weeks of daily massaging, followed by a break for 3-4 weeks.
  • Follow your baby's weight – if it is higher than normal, need to lose weight after prior consultation with the pediatrician. Overweight child will be more difficult to get rid of valgus installation stop.
  • Do not expect quick results -orthopedic massage is a lengthy, painstaking, very thorough. The deformation is usually possible to correct the result of complex treatment for a year or two.
  • Kid shoes should not squeeze feet, you should also not put pressure socks and stockings.
  • For deformity correction of the lower limbs examine a special video course orthopedic massage, ask your podiatrist to show you the highlights in person.


Typically, the curvature of the stop is determined at the age of 2-3 years. It was at this age and is designed massage effect, methods and techniques of orthopedic massage. For infants, of course, such a complex will not work.

The basis of the impact – the classical massage techniques, including rubbing, kneading and vibration impact in that order.

The initial position of the child lying on his stomach. Place the infant on a solid surface under the lower leg put a small pillow or cushion. Feet should be slightly raised above the plane. Before beginning the massage make sure that the child's body relaxed, shoulders not tense.

It was in this position back massage, sacral area, buttocks, legs and feet. Start with stroking, lightly rubbing, and gradually increasing the effect on the skin. When the skin becomes warm, slightly red, warm up, you can proceed to a deeper massage with fingertips.

Massaging, pay attention to the direction of movements – they should be directed away from the spine and down the sides. Avoid exposing your vertebrae to massage them is impossible.

In the buttocks, you can apply a more intense effect – drums and circular motion, back of the thighs are massaged in the direction from the space under the knees and up the sides. The upper rear part of the thigh should massirovala carefully, because during deformation it is usually tense. After warming up and rubbing intensively kneading the muscles with both hands.

Knee joint massage is not necessary, in such a deformation of the lower limb is the knee is the "weak link", it is easy to injure. After exposure on the back of the thighs proceed directly to the area between the Shin and foot. It should be massaged from the bottom up, according to the natural current of lymph. This part of the legs of a child with a deformation is also constantly in voltage, therefore, pay special attention to it. Gently massage the Shin, if it is not enough to "warm up" to massage me.

Starting from the Achilles tendon up after rubbing need tweaks, capturing the muscle and immediately releasing it. Then proceed to massage with two hands and striking with the edges of the palms.

Foot massage it gently, rubbing it with your thumbs from the toes to the heel. Pay attention to the bones, circular motions of the thumbs, knead each.

After completing this complex again Pat palms all areas in which there was a massaging effect, and put the baby on the back. Under the legs again, put a cushion or towel. Spend a light massage of the front part of the upper zone of the hip, acting on it by analogy with the way and the back of the thigh.

To bypass the patella will move down and massage the lateral part of the calf. Pay special attention to the feet – press each finger, massage the foot strictly bottom-up.

How to improve the efficiency

How to increase efficiency?

Only one massage pathology can not be corrected. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, should approach treatment holistically, complementing the massage, special exercises, the use of orthopedic pads-applicators, complex physical therapy. Children 2.5-3 years it is possible to buy a bike – pedaling is an excellent exercise for correction of deformity of the feet. It puts pressure on the problematic part of the foot – arch.

After the massage is completed, you can go directly to comprehensive exercises. About 10 minute walk, jump on an orthopedic Mat. For correction choose the Mat with hard texture, convex and needle elements. Such impacts on the foot after the massage will help improve circulation in the lower extremities.

Then, while the muscles and ligaments of the lower extremities sufficiently warmed up, go to the complex of medical gymnastics:

  • make 10 circular movements of the feet in a sitting position on the floor clockwise and 10 counterclockwise movements;
  • ask the child to draw a monkey – to take a toy or small ball from one foot, holding the subject and some time holding it in this position;
  • sit with your child in the position "in Turkish" and sit there for a few minutes;
  • do 10-12 squats with the knees dissolved in the parties.

It will be good if the massage and exercises will culminate in a foot bath. For her, use warm water, in which at desire it is possible to add broths of medicinal herbs. After the baby hold the legs in warm water, drench feet with cold water and again for 2-3 minutes, place them in warm water. These contrasting water procedures will help to consolidate the result of the massage is the best way.

In coordination with the podiatrist visit physiotherapy. Electrical stimulation of the muscles and paraffin – treatments to achieve the desired result.



For reviews of mothers who were engaged in the treatment of feet deformity in the child, to remove the strain fast is possible only if the child from the beginning is starting to wear orthopedic shoes. In this case, massage, gymnastics effectively complemented the constant presence of the stop in an anatomically correct position.

Some parents practice bandaging of children's feet after the massage, which for a few hours with an elastic bandage fixed stops so that the child support was in the center of the foot. Podiatrists have warned that an independent inept bandaging can hurt the baby because the blood circulation of the lower limbs is disturbed.

Many mothers speak well not only about bikes but also about swimming. With an integrated approach (massage, gymnastics, exercise therapy, physiotherapy and sport) the problem is often addressed during the year.