Valgus deformity of the knee

Vlasna deformacija feet

Threat valgus deformity of the knee is a dangerous disease that is characterized by strong lateral curvature. This forms open out the angle between the Shin and the thigh. Such severe curvature can be as simple unilateral and more severe - bilateral. This unique pathology of the bilateral type often causes X-shaped legs in humans.

It should be noted that many newborn children small valgus position is typical of the knee. Such a harmless physiological state caused by special lateroposition important quadriceps and absolutely is not pathological, if not beyond the limits of medical records.

Some kids noted a certain position of the lower limbs, when lower leg is reserved, and the knees kept. In this case, the characteristic period of up to 5 cm between the inner ankles. Such deformation also is a physiological norm for a child.

Feet are believed to be correct when the conditional of a line drawn directly from the femoral head to the very first gap that is between the toes definitely are straight, with only pass through the middle of the knee. About the strain they say if between these three points to draw a straight line impossible. The distance between rectified notitia ankles and legs of the baby must be no more than 2 cm At other indicators should immediately contact the doctor.

It should be noted that is found not only deformity, but also a varus deformity of the knee joints of children. Unlike varus valgus the type of warp you'll be X-shaped legs. Child tibia knee always fit inside. In most cases such a dangerous defect parents notice when the child begins to walk.

The cause of this serious pathology is a significant load on the legs. Often it is associated with too rapid growth of bones in children, a period when ligamentous and muscular system the little man still not have enough power. In some cases to deformity of the knee eventually joins and valgus flat feet. Many of the children it is manifested in a strong deviation heels outwards.

To prevent the disease has progressed, it is recommended to take measures in time. Then it will be possible to completely avoid certain irregularities in the gait of the child, fatigue, severe curvatures in her spine and severe pain in the legs.

How to cure valgus deformation of the knee joint?

The treatment of this disease of the child require parents to a maximum of perseverance and patience. Avoid prolonged standing toddler with widely divorced feet, but you also need to refrain from standing games and long walks.

An important component of treatment of valgus formation of the knee is considered a mandatory use of special and modern shoes orthopedic type. As a rule, certain models of shoes prescribed by your doctor-orthopedist. Such sandals and shoes is quite affordable and often they are on sale in conventional stores baby accessories.

Some experts in addition advise to buy a special orthotics, which respond to the immediate characteristics of a particular child. Also often prescribed to use a special night splints. When valgus deformity of the knee is diagnosed in the advanced stage, in some cases, you may need modern surgery.

In addition, when the treatment plays a huge role massage. As a rule, it should be a long 20-day courses. The interval between courses should not exceed two months. It should be mentioned that it is not recommended painful impact, the child should always get pleasure from a massage.

In addition, mandatory particularly effective paraffin wraps. They are usually held on a pre-heated feet before the session a massage. The most intense influence during the massage is only valid on the knee joint and in the region of the entire posterior surface of the tibia.

Immediately after such medical procedures, experts recommend to require a set of special exercises, including flexion and extension of the feet in ankle joints, as well as intensive rotation stop. Along with this, a child is useful from time to time to play grab a ball directly to the feet, lifting the ball.

Another recommended exercise, you can mark the raising of the body of the baby from the posture "Sitting in Turkish". Do not forget to carry out such basic procedures as walking on toes and outer side of the feet, stretching, squats with knees divorced

Timely treatment allows you to make a favorable prognosis even in advanced stages valgus deformities of the knee joints at different ages of children. As a rule, in most cases with regular procedures, the child is completely cured from this disease for four years.