PLANO — valgus foot deformity in a child: can I fix and how to treat

Hallux valgus in a child

1 Valgus foot what is it

PLANO-valgus deformity is a defect of the foot in which its arch decreases and the axis of the limb becomes X-shaped. The fingers unfold and the heel outwards, middle part of the foot is lowered. Gait becomes awkward kid, he tires easily and complains of pain in the legs.

At home, parents knowing what it is – valgus foot, can easily check whether their crumbs this defect. To do this, simply ask him to stand up straight and impact the knees. In this position the distance between the inner edges of the ankles must be more than 5 cm.

If you look at the child's feet, even the "naked eye" is seen as the foot collapses inwards, and the legs look like the letter "X" as pictured.

Flat feet can be represented in different degrees depending on the degree of deviation of the arch of the foot:

  • from 10 to 15 degrees – the defect can be easily corrected;
  • from 15 to 20 degrees – you will need to make an effort to correct the deformation;
  • from 20 to 30 degrees – you need a long complex treatment;
  • more than 30 degrees may require surgical intervention for correction of the defect.

Depending on the causes of the disease, flat feet is of two types:

  • congenital (violation of the form of the bones and their location is still in utero);
  • acquired (weakness of the muscle and ligaments, as well as other factors lead to the deformation of the foot during the period when a child begins to learn walking).

Up to what age can correct the valgus foot in children

If your child is diagnosed with "flat-valgus foot" position fix can be up to 14-15 years. Before this time the child is in the account at the orthopedist and regularly undergoes treatment. How to fix, read on. Sure, you will succeed, because if you are reading these lines, then on the right track.

Treatment of valgus feet in a child

The course of treatment depends on the age of the baby and the degree, which has reached in its development of the deformation. If the flat is congenital, its diagnosis use special techniques:

  • computer plantography – the doctor explores the parameters of the foot;
  • Ultrasound;
  • podometry – a computer study, to determine the nature of the foot and strain on the individual parts.

If pathology is detected, for the treatment of used tyres, that allows to fix the limbs.


The older children therapeutic course involves a number of procedures. Great importance is attached to a foot bath. The water temperature for the procedure is about 40 degrees. Add some sea salt and keep feet in foot baths for half an hour.

Foot bath

In a container of water to enhance the effect, you can put a massage pad and ask the child to walk on it. Treatment strengthens the muscles and it does not create additional load on the legs.

Don't ignore this, at first glance, unnecessary procedure, the effect is worth it.


Massage is another method of relieving muscle tension making muscles and ligaments stronger and more supple. It improves blood circulation and normalizes the development of the limbs. To get rid of PLANO-valgus of the foot, it is necessary to massage the back, then move to the lower back and buttocks, then the legs to the feet (at the end of the article will be a detailed video about the art of massage and gymnastics):

  • First, perform a stroking motion along the back to the side of the neck. Then bend your fingers and RUB the back, moving one hand up and the other down. Completing the procedure of rubbing movements.
  • Massage of the lumbar region of the spine perform.
  • The gluteal region follow the pats with the back of the fingers or do the pats.
  • Foot massage from the hips to the dimples under the knees, after exercise the entire back of the leg.
  • In the lower leg area focus on relaxing movements, to massage and to shake.
  • During the foot massage, special attention remove the notch between the heel and the toes, applying, rubbing and stroking.

Along with massage and baths are applied physiotherapy:

  • ozocerite baths or boots;
  • wrap with wax;
  • electrophoresis;
  • swimming;
  • Physiotherapy
  • acupuncture;
  • Exercise;
  • electrical stimulation;
  • to walk on the pebbles, the sand, barefoot on the Mat;
  • the magnetic therapy.

At home, if you can not visit a specialist, you can do exercises:

  • Turn the feet inside soles.
  • Bend the back feet.
  • Bend the sole.
  • Bend the toes.
  • Capture sole a small toy, pencils, pens (massage therapists even suggest to paint, taking up the pencil).
  • Rotate the feet.

If you have the opportunity to attend classes at the medical center and see how to treat flat feet in gymnastics is a big plus, because you can perform these exercises at home without assistance.

Special shoes

A required element of treatment – special shoes, called "orthopedic". Its main difference from regular shoes is that the inner side of the foot on the insole there is the rise that support the arch and correct position.

The maximum heel is attached, the foot is fixed. It is best to order shoes are individually for your child. But if this is not possible, purchase of standard orthotic devices or insoles that can be put in regular shoes.


In severe cases, to eliminate warping applied surgery. There are several types of surgery, but the essence of them is that ligaments are either trimmed or are attached to bone in order to minimize its mobility.

The operation against children is used rarely: in most cases a good result can be achieved using preventive methods.