Orthopedic insoles with valgus deformity of the foot

The various foot deformities – a common phenomenon among people of all ages. In the presence of orthopedic pathologies in the field of foot people constantly experiencing pain in the legs, and each step is given to him with difficulty.

The symptoms of flat feet and other similar illnesses can be eliminated or at least reduce their intensity if you use special insoles recommended by the doctor-orthopedist. The use of such devices will minimize stress on the joints and tissues of the foot, delaying the development of degenerative processes in the feet.

Valgus and varus deformity of foot: the main symptoms

Among all variants of pathological changes in bone and joint structures of the foot is more common valgus or varus deformity. The most characteristic feature of these disorders between them is that with valgus pathology of the tibia is displaced slightly inward (legs are X-shaped), and markedly deflected outwards, causing the legs seem to be O-shaped.

hallux valgus

Hallux valgus is accompanied by the gradual curvature of a thumb, also violate the provisions and all the rest of the toes.

To suspect the development of hallux valgus can be in the presence of such symptoms:

  • changing the shape of the thumb, slide it to the outside;
  • the appearance of bones in the first finger;
  • the hammer shape of the other fingers (observed as a complication of hallux valgus);
  • joint pain in the feet;
  • fatigue of the feet even with a short walk;
  • problems with the selection of shoes (shoes are too tight in parts of the sock).

Varus deformity is accompanied by a curvature axis and also arches of the foot. For this pathology would stop "looking" inside. The load on the foot is uneven, usually on the outer part of the sole.

A true clubfoot is a congenital disease, a varus foot is primarily formed in early childhood under the negative influence of precipitating factors. The most characteristic symptom of the foot are:

  • fingers are constantly in a flexed position;
  • the front part of the foot deviates inward;
  • knees when walking is not straightened fully;
  • tibia be O-shaped.

Finally to establish the diagnosis can only specialist gynecologist after inspection and diagnosis.

Causes deformation of the stop

The causes of hallux valgus in the feet are:

  • hereditary factor;
  • transverse platypodia;
  • some endocrine pathology;
  • osteoporosis.

From valgus pathology five times more likely to affect women compared to men. This is due to congenital weakness of the bone tissue of the feet, as well as the fact that many ladies prefer shoes with high heels.


Varus deformity may occur under the influence of such causes:

  1. rickets and other metabolic disorders in which reduced bone density;
  2. genetic predisposition;
  3. flat feet;foot injuries;
  4. long wearing uncomfortable tight shoes.

Varus pathology occurs more often in children, but at an early age it it easier to get rid of.

The degree of deformity

The appearance of hallux valgus, the actual extent of the disease determined on the basis of the size of the angle formed between the thumb and the metatarsal bone. There are three degrees of valgus pathology:

  1. first: directly in the corner there has been increasing deformation of the joint, the ligaments are overly mobile, there is subluxation of the foot;
  2. second: is diagnosed the displacement of the joints and the surrounding tendons in the thumb area;
  3. third: and bone, and almost all connective tissue become extremely weak and vulnerable, which is accompanied by constant pain in the affected area.

Deformation is also divided into three levels:

  • lightweight and supination deformity of the foot do not exceed the rate of 10-15 degrees, the foot can be withdrawn to the normal position;
  • average: the position angle ranges from 15 degrees to 30 degrees, but the components of clubfoot is still possible to correct;
  • heavy: the angle exceeds 30°, the deformation becomes stable, it is possible to correct only partially.

Disease prevention using orthotic insoles

For treatment of feet deformity perfectly fit orthotics. They allow not only to increase the level of comfort when walking and minimize pain but also to stop the process of disease development.

The process of selection of medical insoles should be approached carefully. First and foremost, consider the kind of disease that requires orthopedic correction. An important factor is the degree of manifestation of the disease.

With valgus pathology recommended the following types of insoles:

  • treatment designed to correct the deformed arch of the foot. These products have a fairly rigid form, well cover the foot to retain the desired position of all the cartilage. Recommended for use with orthopedic shoes;
  • preventive – apply at early stages of hallux valgus. They can be worn with conventional footwear;
  • treatment and prevention- they are made of leather or special fabric. Products slightly springy, not too tightly compress the foot. Such insoles may be by design a shortened and used with any Shoe.

In addition to a full-sized orthopedic products, there are insoles that are missing the front part. Such devices also possess curative properties. Their main advantage over conventional insoles – no need for selection of the product size. In addition, the insoles can be worn even with the most open shoes, because they are not visible from the outside.

In some cases, it may be shown wearing a special Shoe, small orthopaedic devices designed to address local orthopaedic problems. These products are recommended for heel spur and also for use in shoes with overly rigid heel.

Insoles for foot deformation is designed to rotate the whole foot, including the heel, in the correct position. For this purpose, use special insole that heel, outer part have special thickenings. This design allows you to attach the foot to the desired shape.

How to choose orthotics

When deciding how to choose insoles with valgus deformity, should be considered the most important recommendations:

  1. pay attention to the size of the insoles, pre-measured length of your foot in centimeters. To determine the length of the foot should be placed on a sheet of paper and carefully cut around the outlines with a ballpoint pen. After this you need to draw a line on the sheet with a ruler in the place where the length of the figure is the maximum, and measure it. This is the required index size;
  2. in case of doubt in the accuracy of determining the value of feet is better to choose products that are double-triple the size, allowing you to avoid mistakes in the purchase of insoles;
  3. some insoles are designed so that they may be cut – in this case, you can buy a slightly larger size than the actual foot length;
  4. for women who do not wish to give up wearing shoes with heels, you should choose products made of leather, tube and special foam;if a person's weight exceeds 100 kg, it is better to give preference to a hard plastic Shoe;
  5. in diabetes the recommended two-layer insole. Orthopedic in addition to therapeutic effect, these products prevent blisters and open sores that are dangerous when given endocrine pathology;
  6. while hallux valgus are good leather or felt insoles with orthopedic effect;
  7. employees who have long standing (hairdressers, sellers, etc.) recommended hard better frame of the product;athletes shown frameless insoles;children with valgus pathology will fit insoles are made of thermoplastic, and also products with the insoles and other elements. The final version of the insoles to better align with the doctor.

The benefits and efficiency of using orthopedic insoles

With proper selection of insoles and their regular use the treatment effect will occur. The most important are the following advantages and positive changes:

  • is the fixation of the arch of the foot, therefore slowing down and even completely stop further deformity with valgus pathology;
  • diseased small joints of the feet gradually returned to the correct position;
  • deformed and excessive curved toes gradually straighten and take the correct form, which is especially important for valgus foot;
  • the load on the soles of the feet becomes more uniform, thereby disappear calluses, corns and other seals;
  • minimizing harm from improper or excessively tight shoes subject to the application of shock absorbing insoles;
  • eliminated pain while walking by reducing the load on the foot and the properties of the spring and orthopedic products;
  • improved venous blood flow to the legs, thereby reducing swelling of the feet.

The benefits of wearing orthotic devices will be even more noticeable if the insoles in valgus deformity or pathology to pick up, after consulting with the doctor. The specialist will recommend the most optimal for the individual patient version of the therapy Shoe inserts that will help speed up recovery.

Exercises for feet with hallux valgus

In the presence of deformations recommended the following exercises:

  1. flexion and subsequent extension of the stop – run 20 times for each foot;
  2. rotating the feet in circles for 20 times;
  3. squats with a support: you need to squat, holding on to the strut, making sure that the feet remained pressed to the floor.

Hallux valgus is corrected faster by the following exercises:

  • walking, alternating on the outer, then the inner side of the stop;
  • alternate walking on toes, then on heels;
  • walking on bumpy, uneven surfaces barefoot. You can walk on a special Mat, the usual carpet, the sand on the beach, on the grass in nature;
  • grip with the toes of small objects on the floor. Can be decomposed on the surface of the buttons, ballpoint pens, pencils, and then try to capture and raise them by the fingers;
  • ascent-descent on the monkey bars – a great exercise in hallux valgus.

The performance of these exercises, and the use of such wonderful devices as orthopedic insoles, will help to minimize pain and speed recovery during the deformation of the feet.

Great benefits for the patient can bring and foot massage, which you can perform by yourself, but better – with the help of another person. With the help of massage movements enhance blood flow, eliminate muscle tension in the legs, to give the toes in the correct position.

Complex treatment with the use of orthopedic appliances and high quality shoes will speed up the recovery, which is especially important for children and adolescents. Orthopedic insoles with valgus deformity buy better quality, well-known manufacturers. Branded products last longer and their effect will be more noticeable. When time begun the correction of orthopedic disorders can quickly achieve positive results and maintain the health of yourself or your child.