orthopedic footbed with hallux valgus

What if you need insoles hallux valgus, tell the podiatrist. He picks the type and the size, timing and terms of use.

Hallux valgus the big toe is a pathological condition which affects half of women and 20% men. The disease has its stages and characteristic symptoms.

The main causesthat lead to hallux valgus is wearing mismatched shoes (high heels, narrow toe, no fixing) and congenital flat feet.

Additional factors that can trigger the development of the pathological process are:

  • hormones (swings during pregnancy, childbirth and menopause);
  • constant load on a diseased joint due to professional activity;
  • trauma to the first metatarsophalangeal joint.

Orthopedic insoles with valgus will help to remove the pathogenetic reason for the development of the disease. Effective only in the early stages as monotherapy. At later stages, when visible deformity of the big toe drags and other structures, arch supports used exclusively in treatment of the disease.

Features of the structure of orthopedic insoles

orthopedic footbed with hallux valgus

Insoles with valgus deformation of the big toe have 2 type of structure:

  1. Type I is designed for daily use and has a solid frame. Insole with rigid frame appeared much earlier 2 type.
  2. II type of insoles have a solid frame. They are designed for use during physical exertion or shown to people with professional activities requiring a strong load on the foot.

The insoles are made with hallux valgus of different materials. The choice of material does not depend on personal sympathies, and based on goals for the future of the product.

The most well-known materials:

  • tube;
  • genuine leather;
  • velour;
  • fleece;
  • fleece.

Sometimes insoles for valgus is made of several kinds of material to achieve the basic qualities of the product. Foot support needs:

  • keep warm;
  • not to obstruct air circulation to the feet;
  • to have antibacterial properties;
  • to provide maximum therapeutic effect.

The types of insoles from hallux valgus

Insoles are divided into industrial and individual.

The first usually don't have a cast the form of the whole insole, and petite pads. They come in 3 types:

  • half-wool for high heel shoes is specially designed for the correction of valgus in women. This kind of arch support softens the compression (pressure) of body weight on the pads of the fingers and feet, traveling a foothold in the physiological position;
  • droplets - effective in the early stages of hallux valgus and for the prevention of the development process;
  • half-wool and hold the transverse arch is due to its design, fix the arch of the foot in the correct position, and the special pad relieves the forefoot from stress.

Molded insoles are made to order to individual measures. It is more professional orthopedic elements, which are used in the treatment of all stages of the disease in combination with other methods.

Features of use

Insoles in valgus are used for the treatment of deformity and the big toe. Depending on the form purchased insoles, each have their own particular use.

For maximum efficiency and long term use of arch supports is recommended to wear appropriate footwear.

They need to be worn daily, but not more than 6 hours. Otherwise, the foot gets very tired, so can't keep the correct physiological position.

The axle is bent, increasing deformity.

To insoles preserved as long as possible, you need to periodically take care of them. Every night to dry the insoles at room temperature, wipe with a damp cloth, but in no case do not wash. If necessary, the correction of the insoles in the place of purchase.

How to choose the right insoles in valgus

Help insoles with valgus? No doubt. But with proper selection of all parameters:

  • The insole should be a clear purpose;
  • For each kind of shoes is custom arch support;
  • The material should be durable, non-slip, breathable;
  • The insole needs to have antibacterial properties;
  • It is better to choose cast footbed, it follows the shape of legs and clearly captures her;
  • The instep should have 2 or 3 points of support for unloading of the foot;
  • The material should have good cushioning.

Effectiveness of insoles in valgus

Properly fitted arch supports can help separator process at an early stage and even reduce valgus deformation. Molded insole clearly fix the leg in the correct position, but several points of support relieve the foot from pressure of the whole body. Axis is aligned and the process is not progressing. Leave all the accompanying symptoms: pain, swelling, inflammation.

Orthotics is an integral stage of treatment that has no contraindications and always has a positive result when used correctly.